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Privacy Policy


Last modified: March 22th, 2015.


About information collection and Cookies

    Our website uses cookies to improve the visitor experience, for example: to preserve the default language preference. The forms of retention of E-mail address and Name may occur through the contact form and forums. We do not store personally identifiable information from visitors, although the hosting server logs some visits data for statistics.


About Forums Usage

    Remember that information on forums is publicly available, we are not responsible for the information posted there.


Information Collected when purchasing

    When a purchase is made we select some buyer identifiable information to improve our services, this information includes: E-mail, name, country code and buyer ID.

    Customers have a right to know this information or update it, such tasks can be accomplished by sending us an E-mail first.

    We do not share or sell this information and our website protects it with a reasonable way. But since the information that travels over the Internet is not completely secure and that the server and the software thereof may become unsafe over time; we can not give any warranty, express or implied, that the data is safe.


Third Party Websites

    We are not responsible for the use of sites other than this.


Privacy Policy Changes

    This Privacy Policy is subject to change, any changes made will be shown at the beginning of this web page.


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