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Various applications and tools to download.


Fasm A simple, fast and efficient assembler preferred by the TEIMSI editor.

Ollydbg Simple and efficient Debugger for .EXE program files or .DLL library files

TEIMSITools Itís a set of tools to ease the creation of TEIMSI projects.

Win_errors (Spanish). List of errors returned by the APIs.

Cpu386.html It is a document that describes the set of instructions for the CPU models 80386.

Win32.hlp It is a document that describes the functions of the API.

Winsock.hlp Describes functions and protocols for data transfer over the Internet.

Window_includes.txt Describes many constants, data structures and API functions prototypes.

Z_asmTUT.zip It's an Assembler tutorial with several examples for the Masm language. (Folders with spanish names)

Intel-Procesadores4004-30486.PDF (Spanish) Document that describes the Intel(R) microprocessors from the 4004 model to the 30486 model.

Intel-Math-Coprocesor.PDF Document that describes the usage and features of Coprocessor for 32 bit processors.


Section for Web services.


Polling Place: This is a service that let you know where a person from Uruguay does vote for national elections (ballot) for November 30th of 2014 (in Spanish language). Chart of pairs: tool to create graphs easily using a list of pairs numbers describing the position on the chart. Chess browser: watch historic chess games.




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